Snow Day- January 10, 2011

Today is an unexpected or maybe expected SNOW day!

I hope that all our friends are safe and warm at home because the driving is surely treacherous and it is not a good idea to be out today.

Enjoy being at home making cookies with mom and dad or planning your summer vacation.

We will see you back in school in a few days when the weather clears up. And remember to bring boots, gloves, hat, and a warm coat for our outside play.

Happy Snow Day,

Ms. Gayle and Ms. Erica

Happy New Year to all

We have started a new year – 2011 and most all of our students are back in the grove for learning and preparing for Kindergarten.

Today, we have a skiff of snow to start the day, but it is warm inside and the learning space is ready.

Best wishes to all this New Year and stay warm.

Ms. Gayle and Ms. Erica