Tuition and Fees

Tuition Agreement 2023-2024

The tuition agreement is based on the total yearly (10 month) cost of the program. The monthly fees are a breakdown of this yearly cost to facilitate parent payment. Upon acceptance, a $95.00 registration/supply fee, plus a deposit of $350.00 will be due. The $350.00 deposit will apply to the last month’s tuition. A breach of the agreement on either side will result in a loss of the deposit.

There are 4 monthly tuition programs available to the parents at the school. All program fees may be subject to change.

Tuition Costs:

  • 5 Full-Day: $825.00/Monthly or $8,250.00/Annually
  • 5 Half-Day: $725.00/Monthly or $7,250.00/Annually
  • 3 Full-Day: $725.00/Monthly or $7,250.00/Annually
  • 3 Half-Day: $675.00/Monthly or $6,750.00/Annually

Updated for 2024-2025