Montessori Curriculum

The Week of August 23, 2010 we will begin with the basic Montessori lessons.

We have lots of new friends to help with our special program and there are lots of activities to look forward to this week.

So, have a fun weekend and we will see you on Monday morning between 8:30 – 9:00 a.m. to get started.

Ms. Gayle

School Days – 2010

We are in our 1st week of the new school year!

Lots of learning is happening at Blue Ridge.

We have new students to teach in the Traditional Montessori Methods and get on board with the Daily Schedule, so there are lots of tasks to do.

Our returning students are helping teach the new students what is expected and how we behave in the classroom plus working in our workbooks and learning new skills.

If you are not signed up, then give Ms. Gayle a call. There is always a waiting list and we want to have you on it too.

Happy New School Year – 2010

New Student Orientation

Yesterday’s new student orientation went well and today the last years students are returning for a visit.

Next Monday is the 1st day of School for the 2010-2011 Curriculum.

Ms. Gayle is excited to be having lots of new little ones to teach along with the returning students to be leaders this year.

We are looking forward to lots of learning opportunities and socializing with our new friends.

Thanks parents for all your support and dedication to your children.

Ms. Gayle