Nature Studies

We are already into Week 4 of Summer Camp. Ms. Gayle has Nature Studies planned, so I wonder what that could be?

You better show up with your lunch to find out.

See you at camp.

Ms. Gayle

Week 3 of Summer Camp

This is Cooking week at Blue Ridge.

We have lots of healthy goodies planned.

But Ms Gayle wants to get ideas from the students to see what they would like to cook.

So, we hope you can attend.

The weather is beautiful and we will be out in our big back yard playing and enjoying the forest, so see you this week at school.

Ms. Gayle

Second Week of Summer Camp

We are already into our second week of summer camp. Some of our campers just got out of school this past week, so we will be having some alumni with us this week. That will be fun seeing some of our old friends plus meeting new friends at Ms. Gayle’s.

 All of our alumni are invited to visit any week this summer. Just show up on Monday morning’s about 9:00 a.m. with your lunch and the $140.oo weekly fee and plan to have lots of fun time.

We have a new guinea to play with and lots of fun activities.

Ms. Gayle is getting out the music box and planning fun stuff for this week for Music Week. So, bring your guitar, drums, and musical instruments to join in the celebration.

See you at Blue Ridge!










Summer Camp -2010

Today starts summer camp for our little ones.

We are starting off with Gardening and have lots of fun activities planned to keep our garden growing. We have a scare crow to make and flowers to plant.

So we will see you at 9:00 a.m. to start our day.

Ms. Gayle