Working on Our Jobs

Brayden and the cutting job


The Silent Job


Taking care of baby


A counting job


Miss Violet and a counting job


Aiden is working hard


Kaden working with his numbers


Brooke is getting ready for Kindergarten with her writing skills


The math job


Drawing and using fine motor skills


Writing and drawing


What are you drawing Ella?


Maddy is drawing and cutting.


Hard at work


Reading is essential to success


Reading together with our friends is fun too.


Learning to share and concentrate.


I am very independent.


A cold, snowy day is good for reading and learning at BRMS.


Aiden is a very hard worker.


Learning to pour and measure.


Silas is doing our calendar today.


Sitting on circle with our friends.


Patience is a virtue.

Valentine Party Pictures – 2010

Having Valentine's Lunch

Thank you for all our friends

Let's eat so we can have snacks.

Eating and talking

Hello Alma

Thank you Ms. Gayle

Call my name next.

This is so much fun, getting Valentines from our friends.

"Look at my box of goodies" says Ella

Patiently waiting for their name to be called.

What a cute Valentine Brooke.

Look at what I got.

Hello Maysa

Everyone is sitting nicely.

Lots to look at.

No Field Trip on Wednesday

Sorry guys and girls, no field trip tomorrow to the library. We don’t have enough parents to drive so we will reschedule for next year.

But,,, if we had a van that someone wants to donate or let us borrow, for about 15 passengers, Ms. Tamra could drive all of us, or at least, most of us at one time. So, ask your parents and see if they know of someone who could let us borrow a big ole van to drive for our field trips.

Our Valentine party is still on though for Friday at 11:30 -12:30p.m. and it is a regular school day to let out at 3:00p.m. So, get your Valentines made for your friends and bring them on Friday.

Tell you parents that if they want to bring a treat for you to share, that would be fine also.

See you in the morning.

Ms. Gayle

Valentine’s Party

We are planning the Valentine’s Party for Friday, February 12th, weather pending of course. So, get started on your valentines for your friends.

Ms. Gayle