Snow Day – No School

Monday, Feb. 1, 2010 is an official snow day or play day. We will be closed until Tuesday, so enjoy being at home with your parents and we will see all of you on Feb.2,2010. And remember to bring or wear your boots on Tuesday because we have lots of snow on the playground.

Ms. Gayle

Manna Food Bank – 2009

Our arrival at Manna


Lots of things to see

Boxes of food

Our friends are with us.

Let's go this way Finn.

A couple of silly girls.

Some silly boys too.


Let's keep together.

Hats and coats to keep us warm in here.

Maddy is not sure about this.


Hello Jaron.


Look at all the food to give to others.


Keep together everyone.


Are you cold Maddy?


This is a big place.

Hey Brooke


Can I drive this Ms. Gayle?

New Friends

We want to welcome all of our new friends to Blue Ridge Montessori. There are lots of exciting things to learn and today we were finally able to get outside to play awhile. And it looks like the weather will be beautiful for play all week. It is nice to see some sunshine again. Happy Week.

Ms. Gayle